The True Success Live DVD
by Tom Morris
Running time approx One Hour
Price: $30.00, including shipping

This is a live event presentation of Tom's talk, "True Success," laying out The 7 Cs of Success. This DVD will bring Tom's energy and message into your home or business. You'll sit in the front row of an audience of 2,000 executives and feel like you are there as he pours himself into a fresh and wise presentation of his most popular topic all over the world.

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Sample Comments from People Using the DVD

Tom: I have played your video, "True Success, A new philosophy of excellence" so much I have worn it out. I received it from my public library through a fund raising program. I would like to get another copy. How would I go about purchasing one or trading in my older tape for a new one? Thank you.


Tom: I am loving your book, and especially enjoyed your video "True Success." I can imagine only one thing that could supercede it - seeing you personally deliver it! You do, however, have a wonderfulability to talk in such a warm and personal way, as if engaging in a personalconversation rather than a lecture. In fact, I found myself nodding my head, saying "Yes, Tom, that's exactly right," and even on a couple of instances, I filled in your answers a moment or two before you did - showing me that we are, indeed, philosophical soul mates!

Keep up the great work. Enthusiasm is contagious, belief breeds possibility, and positivity and optimism affects and effects outcomes. Everyone needs some philosophy and a philosopher in their lives - I'm so glad I found you!


Dr. Morris: I am a student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. I recently watched a video copy of your "True Success" presentation in one of my philosophy classes. As one who is not a philosophy major, yet enjoys expanding and challenging the mind, I thought it was excellent. I am also a senior member of my fraternity, the student government, etc. and I have found the ideas taught in your presentation have helped me enormously in my leadership work. Thank you.


Tom: I recently viewed a video presentation that my boss purchased of you. This conference was in Orlando and was sponsored by Premiere. Anyway, I was motivated by the presentation and have adopted some of the practices you talk about. Call me nuts but I am going to have my wife view it also. Three kids and a busy schedule are making her head spin, she needs some focus and refreshment.

Thanks for a great presentation.



G'day Tom: Some tapes of yours and your book True Success have in different ways encapsulated some of my innate, unprocessed thinking on life and business generally, which until I heard your words of timeless wisdom, had been unorganised thoughts floating vicariously in my subconscious. I guess you could say that the tape through repetition had made a significant impression on me and I chased around over here to get the book some year or so later.

Why you hit the mark with me? As an investment banker with Australia's most successful Investment Bank I am, within reason, a trained cynic, however I am also a financial services "inventor" and marketer and I after came back to Australia and played your tape over and over and over, four things struck me.

Firstly, the message you shared was really very sound advice if only people would follow it and really put it into practice, not just pay lip service to it - in particular all the 7 Cs, but also your elaboration on precursive faith.

Secondly, it was a philosophy which anyone could practice and was not restricted to social class, wealth, academics or intellectuals, but freely available to all who had the power to believe, change their thinking and implement.

Thirdly, it was an easy fit for all religious belief systems and sat well with me as a Christian of the Notre Dame persuasion.

Lastly and genuinely, it was the sheer joy of listening to your voice, sharing everyday family stories in the context of the 7 Cs - even your accent, as different as it is from an Australian accent, was part of the whole inspirational package. It's hard to believe that your son is now grown and I imagine he has worked out the physics of whether "they" still rise on starry nights?

I have passed on your story to my four boys, now 26 to 18 years and they still remember your recounting the Disney experience with the new office, the limo and the new guitar. I remember your precursive motto or verse, "I can do that!"

In mid to late 1995 I launched a new financial product with a small team and all throughout the transition from dream to inspiration to idea to creation to implementation, I reinforced your framework in internal seminars, workshops, meetings, and even did a PowerPoint slide and provided copies of same to reinforce my commitment to the precepts. It still hangs as a reminder on my office wall; however, the office has changed numerous times in the intervening period.

That product is now a market leader in its niche in the Listed Property Trust, the equilivent your publicly listed REIT market, having grown from 23 shopping centres - smaller to mid sized - in 1995 to 99 in 2002 in Australia, New Zealand and recently the USA and being the highest returning Trust for something like 4 of the 7 years, and in the top 5 vehicles for all 7 years. It is known as the Macquarie CountryWide Retail Trust, and is one of several managed vehicle under management in the property group of some $3.5 billion. I have moved on to other roles but the foundation still remains.

It took a clear conception, a vivid vision and a goal powerfully imagined against some of the more conventional thinking of the time from the forces of the "black hat" brigade. Without a strong confidence that we could do it, myself and the team would have lost our ways on numerous occasions. It took the intensive focus of a hand selected team of talented individuals to make it happen, and they and many more continue to make it happen ever since the launch.

Perhaps having a little Irish, Scottish and Australian genes helped with the persistence or stubborn consistency to hang in there against the initial odds. I have often remarked before and after my exposure to your thinking that to really make things happen, you all have to live, eat and breathe what you are doing, thereby making a contribution to the emotional bank account. Similarly, in a home spun way, no meaningful deal or transaction can be completed successfully unless the parties break and share bread together, then share a meal or two or three. I was blessed with a team of good characters, people of faith or emerging faith, committed to strong moral and family values and to navigating the minefields as we found them. And guess what?

Notwithstanding the daily efforts required, we enjoyed ourselves and were seen by our contemporaries as a fun, if not great, group to work for. By the way, at the most creative time we also had probably the worst offices / premises in the whole of the bank, yet it didn't matter. In conclusion, we had precursive faith, and our faith, hard work, and creativity have been rewarded.

I have read many books on life, relationships, motivation and the like; however, the two which have made lasting impressions on me are The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman V. Peale and True Success by Tom V. Morris.

Timeless wisdom, ancient or contemporary, is as necessary today as it was in the days of Socrates, as it was in 1994, and as it today and it will be in the future, and the land DownUnder may just need a sprinkling of Tom Morris in person spreading the good word.


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