The Famous Laminated Wallet Cards

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7Cs Laminated Wallet Cards

(100 to a box)
Price: $30.00 a box, including shipping

This is the famous wallet card that is carried by some of America's most prominent executives, creative geniuses, business builders, skilled craftsmen, and great parents. It's also extremely popular with teens and twenty-somethings as well. Get this card to keep the wisdom of the ages on life achievement easily accessible. And pass these around to your associates, customers, or local school kids.

Four Foundations Laminated Wallet Cards

(100 to a box)
Price: $30.00 a box, including shipping

True, Beauty, Goodness, and Unity! From Tom's highly regarded talk and book If Aristotle Ran General Motors: The New Soul of Business. Remind yourself and your colleages of what it takes to make any business, and any relationship, great. This Card contains the four foundations, the four dimensions of human experience, and more.

The Art of Change Laminated Wallet Cards

(100 to a box)
Price: $30.00 a box, including shipping

Carry in you wallet or post on your computer screen the world's wisest advice about change and happiness. You can be an artist of change and so can everyone around you! Provide these cards and generate ongoing discussions on what really matters and how to handle anything that comes our way! "The Art of Change" is on one side, and the closely related framework "The Art of Happiness" is on the other. These ideas arise out of Tom's books The Stoic Art of Living: Inner Resilience and Outer Results, and If Harry Potter Ran General Electric: Leadership Wisdom from the World of the Wizards, they are the foundations of his newest talk, and are the basic ideas from his newest book, yet forthcoming.

Sample Comments on the Cards and on Being a Card Carrying Philosopher

Tom: I love my 7 Cs card that you gave me long ago, I consult it frequently, and I give out cards to people wherever I go, on airplanes, and in meetings. It's such a simple and yet life changing tool.


Dear Tom: I keep the 7 Cs in my wallet. I use it everywhere I get a chance, because they are so true.


Tom: I had the pleasure of listening to you last May at the QAD conference in Charlotte, NC. Over my professional career, I?ve had the good fortune to hear many conference and/or motivational speakers; few have captured my attention or delivered such a powerful and practical message as yours. The 7 Cs of Success are reshaping my life, and I?m on the verge of a new career, empowered by the step-by-step approach and focus your little white card has brought to my life. Every day, four cards strategically placed remind me what it takes to keep me pointed in my direction of professional and personal success. My sincerest thanks?.


I saw you speak three years ago in Greenville, NC to a convocation of teachers. I really enjoyed your speech but more importantly, I took from that your card that you gave us titled, "The 7 Cs of Success." I have kept that card in my wallet ever since that day. Those words make so much sense in everything - you can apply them to what you do in anything.


Just a quick note expressing my forever and ever gratitude for all you've done, keep doing and shall keep doing and sharing to help me become the complete person I seek to be. Thank you. This may be characterized as one more outstanding year as I walk down the road of success thanks to your many insights and as always those near and dear 7 Cs.


To Tom Morris: I attended the recent Quality Leadership conference and heard your presentation. I recall hearing you at another conference years ago. At that time you also handed out the small cards with the 7 Cs on it. I want to tell you about the difference it made in my life.

I am a divorced mother of two children. I worked full time and was struggling to get through an undergrad program to get my BS in nursing. I was a diploma 3 year grad with an additional 2 years of psych therapy training ... they gave me credit for 2 years of college and I had another 2 years to complete. I worked full time, cared for 2 children, went to school evenings and weekends. There were semesters when I couldn't take any classes because my children needed me at home. I knew I had to get through that program because I wanted a graduate degree in Public Health Administration.

I taped your card with the 7 Cs on my computer and for 7 years it was my daily reminder of what I needed to do to get to my goal. I would often sit at my computer late at night after my children were in bed. It would be 9 or 10 pm and I would be facing another night of five to six hours of writing. Many nights when I was bone tired, thinking I would never get through all the work ahead, I would look at the 7 Cs taped to my computer and focus again on my goal. Many times I was close to giving up. I did graduate with my BA in nursing (it took 11 years, but I did it!) and was admitted to the U of M Carlson School of Management the same year my daughter started at Marquette University in engineering. We both graduated 4 years later. I have a Masters in Healthcare Administration and am director of Community Health and Church Relations at my hospital now. My children are proud of me and I hope I am a model to them of lifelong learning.

Thank you for the tool that kept me going.


Mr. Morris,

I don't know if you remember me or not but some years ago you gave me a card with the 7 Cs of success on it and the place was in Wilmington, NC. I was wondering how would I go about getting another card. The one that you gave me has faded and I would love to be able to replace it. Any information that you could give would be greatly appreciated.

I love this card and look at it frequently. Thank you.


Tom On Some of His Favorite Card Stories

I had just finished a talk to an internationally regarded consulting firm - a group I had addressed on "True Success" a year before. After my talk this time around, on another topic, an executive came up to me in the hallway and said, "Hey, great talk today, just like last year."

I said, "Thanks. I'm just as excited about today's topic as last year's."

He said, "I can tell. And we are, too. The stuff you talked about today - completely different from last year - really extend the philosophy you started us on then. But I stopped you because I really want to show you something."

I said, "Sure, what is it?"

He pulled out a sleek black wallet and flipped it open. I had no idea why. I had already been paid. But, hey, gratuities are always accepted. I'm just kidding. I glanced down at the wallet and saw a Driver's License, a VISA card, and what was clearly my little white laminated wallet card on The 7 Cs of Success.

He said, "My whole adult life, I've made it a point of pride to carry only two things in my wallet - my Driver's License and a credit card. Two things. And that's it. Last year, when you spoke on The 7 Cs of Success, you gave us all this card. The more I looked at it, the more I realized how important it is to remind myself on a regular basis about the ideas that it has on it. So, now, I have three things in my wallet, and I wanted you to know that. It's a big deal for me."

I said, "Wow, thanks for telling me that. That's a big deal for me, too. I'm honored that you see the ideas on the card as being that important. Maybe if I can come up with enough good cards on other topics, you're going to need a bigger wallet."


I was in the Georgia World Congress Center, this huge convention space, a couple of hours before thousands of people would be joining me for a little philosophy. The big production company crew was busy finishing up their preparations in the dark and cavernous building. I was going around giving 7 Cs cards to every production guy I could find, since I know that the AV, lighting, and camera guys never get the handouts at big meetings that just go into the seats of the audience members, and I wanted to share these ideas from the great philosophers with the guys who would be helping to make my talk a success. I saw an electrician bent over a cord he was taping down to the floor. I walked over from behind him and said, as I approached, "Excuse me, I'd like to give you a laminated wallet card on what the great philosophers said it takes for success in anything we do."

Before even turning around, he said "The 7 Cs of Success!"

I said, "Really? How did you know?"

At that point he had turned around to face me. He smiled really big and said, "I got one nine years ago at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego when you were there speaking on success. I've kept it all this time because I really like the ideas on it, and they work."

I said, "You just made my day." A philosophical electrician turned on to the great ideas. I was amped. It was watt I love to hear. Ancient philosophy made current. But, Ok, I know - bad electricity puns. Re-volt-ing. I understand. So Ohm not going to do any more.


A major financial services company had invited me to speak to one of their groups having a celebration meeting in Cancun, Mexico, at the Ritz Carlton. I recalled having spoken to them many years before, maybe six or seven years prior, when they operated under a different name. After my talk that day on "True Success," the CEO approached me from across the room with a big smile and an extended hand. He said, "Great job! Great job! Even better than last time!"

I said, "Thanks a lot. It was really nice being asked back. And it's always great to see people get so excited about ideas that have stood the test of time."

He said, "The ideas have indeed stood the test of time. In fact, when you handed out those laminated wallet cards on The 7 Cs of Success last time, I put one in my wallet, and carried it around for five or six years, often using it to remind me of what's important, and then about a year ago I lost it. I had to invite you back to give another talk on that topic because I needed to get a new card!"

I laughed and said, "Hey, I would've sent you a new card! You didn't have to fly me to Mexico for that!"

He said, "Well, I wanted to hear that particular talk again, and I wanted these guys to hear it today, and now I've got my new card! Mission accomplished."


A top executive in New York City called me at my office one day. She said, "Tom, I'm calling you because, for the first time in my life, my purse was stolen in Manhattan two days ago."

I quickly said, "I was nowhere near Manhattan two days ago!"

She laughed and explained, "No, no, no. The reason I'm calling is that, for all the things I've got to replace - Driver's License, Insurance Card, VISA, AmEx, and on and on - the most important thing is a little laminated wallet card you gave me eighteen months ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico."

"That's the most important thing?"

"Tom, it may sound silly but I re-read that little card every morning. It's changed the way I do my work. It's changed the way I live my life. I need another card."

I said, "The great philosophers would be so proud of you for using their ideas, I'm going to send you a whole BOX of cards!"

She replied, "I'll use the entire box!"

And she did.

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