True Success
Tom Morris, PH.D.

"Wealth does not bring about excellence, but excellence brings about wealth and all other public and private blessings..." Socrates

True Success was Tom's first major book of public philosophy. He wrote it when he was still serving as the Notre Dame philosophy professor whose classes had become a campus legend and whose nationwide speaking engagements had begun to bring a new ethics of excellence to the business world.

For the first time, Tom revealed in the pages of this wise and joyous book how the pursuit of true success leads to genuine achievement - and genuine happiness.

He continues to offer in it a framework for success that he calls "The 7 Cs" - seven basic concepts that are essential to meeting life's challenges. And he provides realistic guidelines for putting our beliefs into practice and making our goals become realities.

If you have heard Tom speak on True Success, you will know that his main claim is that, for experiencing the most satisfying and sustainable form of success in our lives, we need:

(1) A clear CONCEPTION of what we want, a vivid vision, a goal clearly imagined.

(2) A strong CONFIDENCE that we can attain that goal.

(3) A focused CONCENTRATION on what it takes to reach the goal.

(4) A stubborn CONSISTENCY in pursuing our vision.

(5) An emotional COMMITMENT to the importance of what we're doing.

(6) A good CHARACTER to guide us and keep us on a proper course.

(7) A CAPACITY TO ENJOY the process along the way.

These seven conditions provide the most universal framework for making things happen in a positive way, for putting our talents to work in the world, and for creating a better future for others as well as ourselves. They give us the most general strategic principles for success.

In this book, Tom doesn't just shed new light on old problems -- he sheds old light on new problems, referring to the great thinkers of the past and revealing the continuing importance of their message in the world of today. With down-to-earth humor and honesty Tom offers us in this book a renaissance of values -- and the possibility of deep, lasting fulfillment in work, love, and play.


"This book examines life, its meaning, and its promises. Well worth reading. I highly recommend it."

The Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.,
President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame


A Sample of Reader Comments on How True Success Can Change Lives Tom - I have read and reread your book, True Success. The 7 Cs have become the framework of everything I do.

I have found this framework to be great when applied to projects and tasks I am working on.

Thanks for everything you do!


Tom - Great talk last week at the INAAU conference. I read tech manuals, not "books," but I have to tell you that I ordered True Success and went to a bookstore and bought an intro book on Aristotle. My wife was wondering who this new person was that was reading Aristotle. I consider True Success to be the tech manual of the human soul, a user's guide to success, or at least the documentation to get you started.

Thank you, and keep on talking and changing lives!



Dear Tom Morris: Last one and a half months I live with my father and mother in my hometown. I come back to my university and found your book in my PostBox yesterday. The book is a great boon for me. I am reading it. Your book is insightful, informative, provocative, and penetrative. It is convincing and well written. I will let my colleague to read it too; it will be very useful reference for our research. It will help me to true success.

Your book is planted China like a seed!

Many Thanks !


Dear Tom: Many thanks also for the energy you put into your book. I think that people often use the term "life changing" to describe something when they really mean "it changed my attitude for a day or two." In this case, however, I think I can honestly say that your book may have changed the course of my life.


Tom: I had the good fortune to attend one of your talks in West Palm Beach,Fla. at The Breakers Hotel in 2002. I also read your book, True Success. My purpose today is to simply thank you for the wealth of knowledge in that book. I recently read the book while traveling on a business trip. The book was excellent!


Dear Tom: This will make you smile.

My 16 year old niece picked your True Success from the "Books to Give" shelf in my office and liked it so much she wanted to give a hardcover to her friend who is beginning at West Point. I sent her one of my cherished extra hardcovers (signed by you) along with a copy of The Art of Achievement for her next dose of the right stuff.


Tom: I have read your book True Success over and over for the past couple of years because of how well written and how positive it is. I am currently in Corporate America and I am a Marketing MBA ...


Tom: I have read True Success 3 times and starting on my fourth time (some folks are little slower :) ). It is great. Thanks!


Dear Dr. Morris: As part of my final semester of college, I was encouraged to read your book True Success for a course which is intended to allow students to explore their career from an academic perspective. Beginning in August I will begin law school. As I'm sure you're no doubt aware, the temptations of copious amounts of money are great in the pursuit of a law degree. I found myself struggling with the decision of A) which school I should attend and B) on what I should focus.

After reading the sixth chapter of True Success -- the chapter detailing the importance of good character -- I no longer harbor any doubts about my career path. While I've always known I should be a trial lawyer, I was torn between criminal prosecution and civil litigation. I was frightened of choosing the former because the salaries are infinitesimal when compared with those available in private practice.

What you wrote in your book about good character so profoundly affected what I feel I should do in my life, that I have decided on my law school (Drexel University) and my first major career goal (criminal prosecution at the federal level). I have been searching for two months a way to properly evaluate what is truly important to me and find a way to judge what will likely be among the most important decisions in my life. It was your book that was the catalyst for my ultimate decision.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you, and to let you know that your writing has had a tremendous, profound effect upon my life.


Dear Tom: As a student of "peak performance", your book True Success and tapes confirmed my belief that the "secrets of success" have been around for 2500 years.


Hi Tom: I consider the 7 Cs a tool for me to use when I periodically analyze where I'm at and where I'm going. I can look at my list of 7 Cs and ask myself "Do I still feel this endeavor is important?", "Am I still as confident?" or "Has my goal become fuzzy?". When it comes to climbing the mountains of success I suppose the 7 Cs are the map and my provision list ... I believe the 7 Cs are the crucial tools to start with and refer back to. They have definitely helped me to not only plan for success but to recognize it and enjoy it.


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