The BLUFFER'S Guide to Philosophy
T.V. Morris

Turn your fear of philosophy into fun with THE BLUFFER'S GUIDE TO PHILOSOPHY. Here's your chance to catch up with and even surpass those who have dared to delve tnto this field. It is your ticket to center stage at cocktail parties and your key to the wisdom of the ages.

After a beef discussion on proper bluffing techniques, Notre Dame philosophy professor T.V. Morns offers a factual, farcical, and fascinating introduction to the "teat philosophers. They are all here: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle...Augustine, Aquinas, Descartes, and Kant...Kierkegaard, Russell, Sartre, and Quin-along with dozens of their colleagues profiled in amusing stones and anecdotes.

The BLUFFER'S Guide to Philosophy is designed to pique your interest in philosophy and it's guaranteed to delight anyone with a thirst for truth with a humorous twist. In a special pre-publication seance, the ghosts of many famous philosophers were asked what they think of this book:
"What do I think? What do you think? I'll ask the questions here."--Socrates; "This is the Ideal Guide to Philosophy."--Plato; "It may not be ideal, but it's practical."--Aristotle; "It is my one consolation."--Boethius; "This is the Greatest Possible Book about philosophy."--St. Anselm; "Empirically adequate, logically tight, and jolly good fun."--David Hume; "Phenomenal!"--Immanuel Kant; "If a lot of people like it, it's got to be good."--John Stuart Mill; "The author should take a leap."--Kierkegaard; "Every class should have it."--Karl Marx; 'I refuse to speak to anyone who believes in ghosts."--Bertrand Russell; "This book makes me sick. Of course, so does everything."--Jean Paul Sartre.



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