John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

Dr. John Stackhouse is an award-winning historian, philosopher, theologian, teacher, and public communicator.

John specializes in bringing the wisdom of ancient traditions to bear on the challenges that face modern women and men in business, in the professions, and in private life today. In particular, he helps people get past merely "more" and "money" to meaning.

About Dr. John Stackhouse

Born and raised in Canada, John was educated in history and religious studies at three of North America's outstanding institutions: Queen's University in Ontario (B.A., First Class), Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois (M.A., with Highest Honors), and The University of Chicago (Ph.D.). He has taught at colleges and universities on both sides of the border and lectures regularly to both American and Canadian audiences.

Currently John holds the Sangwoo Youtong Chee Chair of Theology and Culture at Regent College, an international graduate school of Christian studies at one of Canada's premier universities, the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. He is also Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at UBC.

John loves to research and communicate on the linkage of wisdom from the past and contemporary challenges. He is the author of seven books (his publishers include Oxford University Press and the University of Toronto Press); the editor of four volumes; and the author of hundreds of articles and book chapters in leading academic journals, major newspapers, and magazines. His writings show an unusual breadth of interest and expertise, as they include history, sociology, philosophy, theology, and comparative religion.

John's commentary on religion and contemporary culture has been featured by ABC News, NBC News, PBS, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and other major American media; and by CBC TV and Radio, CTV News, Global News, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Maclean's, and other major Canadian media. He gives more than 40 interviews a year to explain current events in the intersection of spirituality and politics, business, and popular culture.

John is an electric speaker whose students voted him "Professor of the Year." He has addressed conferences of executives, teachers, physicians, professors, journalists, and lawyers, among many other audiences.

Married for more than twenty years and the father of three sons, John enjoys skiing the Vancouver-area mountains with his family and playing basketball and hockey with his students. He is also a jazz musician who studied trumpet and still gives the occasional performance on piano, guitar, or electric bass.

Beyond Money to Meaning

Dr. John Stackhouse spends most of his professional time researching, writing, and teaching about the great questions of life: Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? What's wrong and what can be done to make it right? It's a cliché that we're all looking for "the meaning of life," but John deals with it every single day. He wants to help Morris Institute audiences deal with it, too.

Each of us is under relentless pressure not to ask such big questions. We're supposed to keep our heads down and work to deadline or to the next report. We're supposed to just "recite our lines" from the life-script that someone gave us (maybe a parent, maybe a priest, maybe a boss, or maybe an author or a movie character). We're supposed to "succeed" according to the easily-counted criteria of business and the professions: salary and stocks, lines on the résumé, awards on the wall. But sooner or later we ask, "What's this business or profession really for? What's my life going to amount to? What in the world am I doing?"

When we are bold enough to face those questions, it's obvious that we need more than technical advice. We need more than a pep talk. We need more than "time management" skills. We need wisdom. John Stackhouse culls that wisdom from the world's most respected thinkers and texts, and offers it in an unexpectedly plainspoken and humorous way that can profit people of any faith--or none.

John doesn't presume to tell you how to fix your bottom line, shave costs, or market your service or product. But he is available to give your group a single powerful presentation or lead you through a multi-session discussion seminar that will give you solid, insightful, and surprising guidance to dramatically affect both your professional and your personal growth.

There's nothing vague or weird or mystical about anything John does. Instead, he brings the fruit of a long scholarly career together with a keen interest in what works in everyday life so that anyone who wants to pay attention will find what he or she needs to understand one's lifework, one's place in the world, and how to make one's remaining years and dollars count.

So if you want a standard "motivational speaker" who might pump up your audience to do what they're already doing a little bit better, you need someone else. But if you want to talk with someone about the real motives of life, the real meaning of life, then consider giving John a call.

What people say about Dr. John Stackhouse

"John Stackhouse has a unique ability to translate the ancient wisdoms into truths that are useful in the everyday workplace. He uses humor and an entertaining speaking style to demonstrate that there's nothing new about today's problems--and that the solutions have already been found."

Bruce Annan
Media Consultant and
former President, Electronic Media
Toronto Star Newspapers

"Many speakers pass along knowledge while entertaining the audience. John's combination of wit and practical wisdom ensure a dynamic experience for all who are able to enjoy his presentations."

Tom Neufeld
Investment Counselor
Merrill Lynch

"Not only is John Stackhouse an outstanding communicator, what he says is relevant for me today and for the future. His expertise on the past sheds light on what's ahead. Now more than ever, in this fluctuating world economy, wisdom for strong leadership isn't just desirable: it's a necessity."

Crystal Dykstra
Business Development
Application Arts, Inc.

Contact information:

Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
3636 Oxford Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V5K 1P3
College Phone: (604) 221-3323
Home Phone: (604) 298-0357


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