David O'Connor
Ph.D. Stanford
Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame
Senior Academic Fellow

David O'Connor
  • Many professional articles and years in the classroom as a highly effective teacher

  • Recent Clients Include: Bayer Corporation, Manufactured Housing Institute, Age Wave Healthcare, American Corporate Counsel Association, The Young President's Organization

  • Topics: Leadership, Ethics, Successful Lives, Excellence

Recent Client Comments to Dr. O'Connor:

"Thank you for the excellent presentation you made at MHI's 61st Annual Meeting in Boca Raton Florida. After eight months of working to develop the Voluntary Professional Standards of Practice, your presentation highlighted to our members the benefits of their efforts. I believe the result was just what we had hoped for and had discussed with you before hand - an energized commitment to conducting business according to the standards and a sense of leadership for having made that commitment. Many of our members, especially our state affiliate executive directors, have commented that you are one of the best presenters we have had at our meetings.

"Thank you again for helping to make our annual meeting a success."

- Ann Parman, Director of Education, Manufactured Housing Institute


"Absolutely brilliant!"..."Extremely inspiring!" "Astoundingly insightful and compelling! Great presentation."

- Sample Audience Evaluations, Age Wave Health Services and Searle Corporation

Fee: $5,000 first hour, $2,500 second hour, $1,000 third hour -Regional discounts available.

Contact David O'Connor:
219-631-6226 Office Phone
Department of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556


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